If you are looking for a visually attractive as well as a natural and practical solution for your landscaping design, MAKS Gravel Stabilizer is the right answer for you.

For driving

Landscaping with these panels enables comfortable wheelchair and bicycle access, handeling a baby carriage is also very easy.


Whether you are designing paths, parking lots or driveways: MAKS Gravel Stabilizer gives every object it‘s individual and equally natural charm.

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1,20m x 0,80m x 3cm
1,60m x 1,20m x 3cm


White, black and gray


- Material is HDPE/PP
- UV and Frost Resistant
- Made in Europe

- Loadable up to 400 t / m²
- Extremely elastic
- The geotextile is 10 cm above the longitudinal and narrow sides"

Why we are convinced by MAKS Kiesfix:

» The plate is 100% permeable to water.
» Insensitive to sun and frost.
» Bottom with high quality geotextile
» This fleece prevents the formation of weeds.
» Very easy to relocate.
» Perfectly adapt to the underground.
» After installation and filling almost invisible.
» The slabs do not slip on sloping surfaces.
» More cost effective than concrete blocks.
» For every genre of exterior design

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